Travelers Manhattan

Lewis and Clark Whiskey on the rocks. This was a ration used to make sure the expedition made it through the ills of the wilderness.

*Request Martini Style



Classic Gorge Margaritas           

Fresh lime, tequila, orange liquor, sweet sour and served on the rocks with salted rim.



Clark and Lewie’s Classic Vodka Lemonade            

Fresh lemonade mixed with vodka, served tall.



Clark’s Mojito

Freshly lime and mint, rum, simple syrup, and effervescence (soda water). 



Sacagawea Mimosa

Orange juice with chilled sparkling champagne. She would have made these to take the stress off the trail if she could have….



Bridge of the Gods Bloody Mary

This baby is the bomb. Enjoy all the fresh ingredients of great vodka and vegetable  garden mixture, with a bridge of bacon for a refreshing get you through the day drink.



Clark’s dog Gin and Tonic

If only they had gin on the trail. This local gin is a favorite with fresh lime and tonic to take the edge off.




Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sprite, Barq’s Root beer, Fanta Orange.

Shirley Temple, Roy Rodgers.

Lemonade, or Ice tea.