Saturday, February 12The Marvelous Quips(superlative garage/soul)
Saturday February 19Dust & Thirst(acoustic traditional country, bluegrass/recent Americana)
Saturday, February 26Stan Cassell & Molly Starr(American songbook-contemporary pop rock) 
Saturday, March 5Sunfish Duo(Americana)
Saturday, March 19Tempo Beats!(surf-ish rock)
Saturday, April 2Bill Shelton(oldies & contemporary)
Saturday, April 16Sisters of the Stars(native American flute music)
Saturday, April 20Jeffery Trapp(Flamenco guitar)
Saturday,  May 710 Spiders(folk with jammy edge)
Saturday, May 14Lon(acoustic classic rock/originals)
Saturday, May 28Julie & the Astronauts(Americana)